Real Dreams

by Jim

Do you dream? Well, I dream every night. Sometimes I have a double feature, sometimes a triple.

Last night, no sevens – none. You could not be 7 or 17 or 27. No sevens. No sevens in change. You could not be 7’ tall or 6’7” or 5’7”. Your phone had no 7 on it.  You couldn’t be married 7 years or 17 years. No sevens. You could not have 7 kids or 7 cats. No sevens. It’s so strange, that’s the 7th time I’ve had that dream.

A big house and a small house in the back. A sidewalk down the side. The small house had stainless steel sinks, refrigerator, stove, even the counter. In the back was the ocean, white sandy beaches. Why did the house face the wrong way? I’ve had this dream four or five times. Next time I’ll ask the landlord.

Heading for the cliff, can’t stop, can’t turn. “Oh No!” off the cliff. WOW! Back on the road. “WOW!” Look how fast we are going. I’m in the passenger seat. “Who’s driving?”

Finally daylight! WOW, what a night.

February, 2013

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