by Jim

I almost think I live in an airport. Most days there are at least 40 to 60 airplanes flying over my house. Some fly a little to the west of me, but they are pretty close.

Some are small prop planes and some jet planes (training, I think). They fly close to each other, two or four or more. If I’m outside, I like to watch them. Who is flying these planes – male or female? What are they thinking? From where I am standing, the wings seem very close, but maybe not to them. I’m pretty sure they are landing. Later they take off from a different direction. Sometimes you can only hear them. I look ahead of the noise, but very seldom do I find them in the sky.

A little higher and toward the west I see commercial planes – two or three a day. They seem to go so slow. I wonder about the people – How many? Kids? Adults? Where are they going? There are a lot of people on those planes. Sometimes I think, “I hope he stays up there.”

I think about the air controllers. There are so many planes. How do they keep track of them? I guess it’s just a job.

In the summer time, you can watch a big prop plane come right over the house. The walls shake and the windows rattle. On the side of the plane it says, “US Mail.” I’ve been here for about 10 years. I’d miss him if he didn’t come over my root at 7:00 each night.

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