by Jim

Did you ever notice how people don’t like people? I recently got a photo from a friend of mine. It shows a huge park, with beautiful trees, green grass, and walkways. Next to a walkway, there is a very long park bench, at least 25 feet long. Six people are sitting on it, one at each end and four in the middle, not next to each other, but spaced out by at least two seats.

I went to the doctor’s office. In the waiting room, at least 15 chairs, everyone spaced out. From there I went to the lab. Every other chair had someone in it. One man was standing.

Theaters are like that too. Fifty chairs in a row and only a few people. The only place I can think of is in church, people will sit next to each other. Why?

Next time you go out, check it out. People just don’t like people!

May, 2012

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