Party Time

by Jim

My family wasn’t much on parties. I don’t remember any birthday party. The family was small and there was not much money. The only party I can remember was a graduation party. Mom was so proud of me, she had to have a party. I thought, “Big Deal. I got out of high school.”

Years later I became engaged. WOW, another party. Both these parties were real good.

A few years went by (about 60). My son said, “Dad, it’s time for you to move in with us.” My daughter-in-law agreed. They have a big house and a huge yard with a pool.

I told a very good friend about this and she said, “Great, we will have a party. You invite your friends and I’ll make flyers and all the food and beer. Oh, by the way, it will be at our house.”

Well, that was the greatest party I’ve ever had. And the only other thing I have to say is:

Thank you, my friends!

April, 2013

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