Open Says Me

by Jim

Some people have arthritis, some have carpal tunnel, some are getting along in years, some are weak. But we all seem to have trouble opening cans and bottles.

TV and computers have gadgets for sale for opening bottles. I don’t think any of them work. Some of the canned foods have pull tops, but I have trouble with them. They are better than the old whined type, hand held can opener.

I got an electric opener, can’t get the can in the right place. But it is faster. But it takes longer for me to get it set up. Sometimes you just can’t win.

Now bottles, that’s a different story, so many sizes. For a ketchup bottle I use pliers. Something bigger like mayonnaise jar, I use water pump pliers. That works on pickles and jelly too. I have a hammer for tapping lids on bigger jars.

If you look in my silverware drawer, it looks like a toolbox.

P.S. I have a few screwdrivers for soda bottles and pill bottles.

June, 2012

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