Ole Days

By Jim

I looked at my gas gauge and it was just a shade past the E. Wow, I better get to a gas station. I pulled into Blakley’s. I heard the bell ring (BING). A man came out of the office.

“Good Morning,” he said. “What can I do for you?”

“Well, I need a full tank of leaded gas.”

“Okay, I’ll pump that as I check the tires.”

Soon he said, “Not full yet. So I’ll check the oil and water.”

The oil level was okay, but the water was low. He walked over to the shop, got a big can of water. He poured that in.

“We got plenty of water and a full tank of gas. As soon as I get those windows clean, and $2.27, we will be all set.”

Those were the good ole days!

May 2016