by Jim

The only goal in life for Mr. Boysen was to name things. One day as he was out for a walk in the woods he saw a large bush with berries on it. “I’ll give it a family name.” Thus Boysenberries.

On and on he walked. “Oh look, another bush with berries. They are blue. I’ll call this Blueberry.”

He finally came to a large clearing. He saw a vine and then a melon. He cut it open. It was red and very juicy. “Wow! I’ll call this a Watermelon.”

The next one he found was orange inside. “Oh, I’ll call this Muskmelon.”

The third melon he found was very juicy and green. “I’ll call this a Honeydew.”

He was just about to leave when he spotted a squash plant. “Wow! Look at this fruit – yellow, round, scalloped edge. Beautiful! I’ll name this after my daughter Patty. This will be Patty Pan.”

As he walked away he saw a green fruit. “Oh great! I’ll name this after my son, Zucchini.”

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