Mother Mooses Meaty Meal

by Jim

My mom loved to write, mostly poetry. But she also wrote short stories and novels. One day she saw an ad in a magazine. They were having a contest.

Write an ad for a dog food company and win $1000.00. Second place got a watch, and third got a crock pot.

I came in from school one day and she said, “You have to see this.” I had done some writing, not as much as Mom. She was so excited, “We can do this,” she said. “We will do it together.”

So we wrote and wrote, the more we wrote, the more I laughed. Mom was not happy with me. Dad read it and laughed. It’s been 60 years and I still laugh. Sorry Mom.

So here it is: It’s called “Mother Mooses Meaty Meal”

Mother Mooses Meaty Meal provides everything your pet needs for daily consumption. You’ll save money by buying only the best, because your pet will be healthier and happier. Your pet will be a perfect companion for all the family. Mother Mooses Meaty Meal is the best for your pet.

We sent it in and it seemed like forever before we got an answer.

Mom thought we should have won, but I was happy with the crock pot.

December, 2012

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