Lucky Me

by Jim

About five years ago, my car stopped running. I had six people look at it. All had the same answer, too expensive to fix. It was an old car, so I just let it sit. Finally I sold it for junk.

I have a lot of people that help me out. For instance, in one month I had my friend Chuck take me to coffee 19 times. Laura, another friend, took me to church, and to do my laundry. She took me shopping, and to the bank, and even to a Bar-B-Q. Another lady, Vicki, takes me to the writing group 4 or 5 times a month and takes me to Lend A Hand get-togethers. My daughter Kristy comes by and we go to lunch or shopping or both.

I could go on and on. Would you believe I even have a lady that sends me postage stamps in the mail?

There are a lot of wonderful people in the world.

May, 7, 2014

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