Low Tide

By Jim

My dad didn’t get much time off, but every once in a while, he would say to Mom, “Let’s take a ride to the end of the earth.” That was what the locals called Montauk Point.

So on the night he was off and there was a low tide, we would pile in the car and off we would go. It was only nine miles, but it seemed longer than that.

Mom and Dad would lay the blanket on the sand. “Lady,” my black cocker spaniel and I would walk out on the ocean floor. I would wear old tennis shoes, but a lot of people would go barefoot. Every time I’ve been there, someone would get cut. I always thought it would be a good place for a first-aid stand. There was a lot of glass out there, but people didn’t seem to care.

Lady and I would walk out about 100 feet or so. When I got that eerie feeling and Lady sat down, it was time to go back. The scavengers would go way out, some to the sunken boats. I never went that far, but you could see a boat that sunk many years ago.

That’s how we had fun when I was young!

September 2014

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