by Jim

For 12 years I lived next to the ocean. Then I moved to the desert, with mountains all around. I lived there for at least 60 years. Now I have moved again.

No ocean, no mountains, not much desert, lots of flat land, lots of farming. They grow cotton, corn, alfalfa. The city is covered with green grass, lots of trees, not palm trees that you find in the desert, some evergreens, weeping willow trees, citrus trees, bushes after bushes, lots of vines.

You might think this would be a good place for parks. I’ve never seen so many parks, regional parks, city parks, neighborhood parks. Over 50 parks in a small city.

For someone like me, you would think this is a perfect place. But so far, not so much. Maybe when it cools off I can walk to a park. I hope so. I love the greenery.

July 10, 2013

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