Life On A Windowsill

by  Jim

I was born in a pod in a pie plate.  Isn’t that a hell-of-a-way to come into the world?  But that’s the way the Mad Scientist wanted it.  I’m a banana pepper plant.  I lived in a pie plate for a while.  Then, he moved me to the windowsill.  I’ve been there ever since.

Next to me is my friend, a banana pepper, too.  Between the two of us we have had 5 or 6 peppers.  Next to him is a bell pepper.  The plant looks real nice, but no peppers.  What’s up with that? Further on down is a watermelon plant; the vines are all over the place.  The Mad Scientist tries to keep them on the sill, but they curl around everything.  On the end, there is a giant tomato plant over 3 feet tall, lots of blooms, but no tomatoes.

The Mad Scientist is good to us.  He feeds us, waters us, moves us, gives us vitamins, covers us at night and talks to us.  But, the other day, I saw him putting a few seeds in a pod.  The package said, “pumpkin.”  Oh no!  What’s next?

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