Junk Drawer


Last week I needed a few paper clips. I checked my junk drawer. “Wow, I got a gold mine in there”. Look, two lighters. I don’t smoke! A carton of matches, must be for the barbeque. Should have enough until 2050. There is a remote control, the tv is gone, oh well. Two tail light bulbs (I don’t have a car). A hammer. I always wondered where that was.  A 9 volt batter, 3-D size, and an AA battery. If I need one, I will know where to find it.  A stapler, must be old, it says “made in USA”. No staples. An empty pill bottle. A plastic case. One of my favorites- 2 keys. Who knows? Look, a glass case, some steel wool,  a pen, dry I think. Some wire, small roll of tape, a watch, a box of old checks, and another remote.

I never did find any paper clips. So I went to the store and bought some. I only needed 4, what to do with the other 246? Oh well, I’ll just throw them in this drawer!

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