I Hate This Place

By Jim

I hate this place.

I’ll tell you a little bit about it. I have a giant room with air conditioning and a heater. We have breakfast and lunch and dinner. We have all the snacks we want. And also we have a surprise dessert with lunch and dinner. Also they help us with showers, they give shaves, and they can help you dress if you want. I do my own.

They also do your laundry, and change your sheets, and make your bed, and vacuum the rug.

I have my own TV, but they have every channel known to mankind. They take you on outings, like lunch or a picnic, or sometimes for take-out or fries, or to Walmart. All kinds of outings. You just have to sign up for them. And they have a lot of activities like Bingo.

But I hate this place.

June 2017