by Jim

Remember a few years ago when young people, maybe 15 or 16, where changing their hair color? They had bright red or purple, and my favorite, bright green. I asked my daughter about it and she said, “Oh, it’s just a faze that they are going through.” I didn’t expect that from her.

But then I got thinking about my “young days.” A lot of the boys had crew cuts or flat tops. A few shaved their heads, and a very few had curly or wavy hair. I had both. You would grow your hair real long, then go to the barber and tell him you were going to comb it in a “waterfall.”

You combed the sides back to form a “ducktail.” The top you combed forward to show the waves. In the very front I had ringlets that hung down on my forehead. It took about 45 minutes to comb and a can of hair spray. I walked into a dance at school, and a girl walked up to me and said, “That’s too cool.”

November, 2012

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