Green Tomatoes

By Jim

Being a little handicapped, I don’t walk too well and I don’t have a car. So I get my seeds by mail order. I’ve done this for years. But this time I decided to get plants too. Some people had given me some huge flower pots and a whole bunch of smaller ones.

I sent my check to Burpee and about a week later I got the seeds and a note telling me about the plants. They said they would email me and let me know how the plants were doing. I thought this was strange, but a few days later, I got an email telling me the plants were doing well, how many leaves they had, how tall they were. It was amazing. I looked forward to my email every other day. After about two weeks, another email came telling me the plants were going to be shipped. They gave me the tracking number and told me how to check on them. After all, they were coming 3,000 miles.

I got the box (pretty good sized) from UPS. It was a box inside of a box. A sheet of paper inside the first box told how to open the next box, and how to handle the plants.

Remember those pots I told you about? Well these three tomato plants have grown so much you can’t see them, they are covered with vines.

June 2016