Games People Play

By Jim

“Oh no!” I’d  just thrown the dice and the siren went off. The wailing sound hurt my ears. I had to get to the closet. Mom was closing the drapes. Cad was putting out all the lights – first the pilot lights, then down to the cellar to cover the furnace. He would stay there until we got the “All Clear” signal.

Mom had the curtains closed and would drag a throw-rug over the grate in the floor. It had to block off the light from the furnace, but leave a gap for the fumes.

I’d lay in the closet al curled up. Mom said softly, “You OK?”

“Just cramped.”

“Your legs are too long.”

“The closet is too short,” I replied.

Another blackout — no lights, no sound. All I could think about was that old Monopoly set we had. Mom bought it used and most of the dots on the dice were worn off, so we would count the indents. Mom made cash out of paper – all the same color – 10s, 20s, 50s.

I’d thought about the game, all the colors and the cards and wonder what I got on the dice. “By the time the sirens come back on, it will be time for bed.” Oh well!

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