by Jim

If you want to have some fun, go to a strange house. My son’s, in my case. To be helpful, I thought I’d empty and put away the contents of the dishwasher.

Pots and pans – no problem. Look for a big area. Must be some left. Glasses and cups, the same way. Just add to what’s there. No dishes in the dishwasher? They must use paper plates. Good idea!

Next is the silverware. Six slots in the drawer. Knives, no problem – sharp in a block, dull (butter) in the slot. Forks only two, big and small – in the slot. This leaves three slots for spoons, right? Wrong. There are at least seven kinds of spoons. No way, you say. Well they have tea spoons, table spoons, ice tea, soup, dessert, grapefruit, and silver. So much for three slots. Hus?

The next time I get the urge to put away stuff in the dishwasher, I think I’ll go clean the pool

August 8, 2013

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