From Fifty to Zero

By Jim

Driving through the parking lot was unbelievable, almost every spot was full. This was my first time at the casino. After cruising around for about ten minutes we found a space. The place was huge, with a big fountain in front. I guess most people thought this was a wishing well, as it had pennies, nickels, dimes and tokens in it.

As we got to the door, a lady opened it for us. She was the last polite person. Inside part of the floor is tile, very shiny, and part is plush rug, very soft. The sign ahead of us says, “Slots, Black Jack, Bingo, Poker, Restaurants, Buffets, Bars, Restrooms.” Arrows going this way and that way.

The room we were in had hundreds of slots; some said 3 reels, 5 reels, 15 reels, 5 lines. They had names like “Treasures of Egypt” or “Magic” or “Flames of Gold.” Nothing like the slot machines I remember. No arm to pull, no cherries or bells. Now you push a button and if you win, you get a paper voucher. So you can put it in another machine.

I watched people put bill after bill into machines. It reminded me of a giant vacuum cleaner. I put a five dollar bill close to the blue light and it sucked it in like a piece of dust.

January, 2013

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