By Jim

The noise! The roar! Dive! Dive! “Whew that was close!” I thought I knew all the sounds of outboard motors, but this one must be new. Another thing to worry about. I like it when fishermen are broke, because they have to row the boats and I can see the oars through the water.

I used to swim in about five feet of water, but no action down there. So I moved up. Wow, what action! Sleep? See those weeds? Well, I go over there in the heat of the day – take a little snooze. I think people call it a nap.

Once in a while a fisherman will toss a lure over there. If I’m awake, I’ll wrap the line around a branch or a bunch of weeds. It’s so funny to listen to the words he uses as he tries to get his lure back. The rod is all bent over and he is using the same words over and over.

Some of the bait they use is even worse. The other day I sniffed a clam. Isn’t that a salt water item? And then when I woke up this morning, I looked up to see a worm hanging on a hook. YUK!

August 2015