Easy Money

By Jim

I used to work at a large new car dealership. It had four buildings, and over a hundred employees – and two bathrooms. One was very large and very dirty. The other one was real small and real clean. I was told not to use the one up front (that was the clean one). But like Mom said, “You never do as you’re told.”

I sat in the only stall they had. Someone was at the urinal. I could see his shoes and the bottom of his pants. He walked away and I could hear the water in the sink. So I started out when two men walked in. “Whoops, I guess I’ll wait.” As I was sitting on the toiled a twenty dollar bill floated down to the floor.

I looked around to see if the janitor had left a broom or mop in the stall. No such luck. If I reached for it, and someone looked down, he would see my hand and arm. That would be strange. If someone was using the second urinal you couldn’t open the door to get out of the stall. So I waited. Finally I was all alone. I bent over and picked up the twenty dollar bill.

My boss asked, “Where the hell have you been?”

“Making money,” I replied.

November 2015