By Jim

Oh, WOW! What a dream! How can I dream about places I’ve never been or seen? …

I’m in a park – a big park. Lots of grass, trees, not much else. I’m with two people; we seem to be waiting for someone or something. A person shows up – there are four of us – we are walking to a bus. “What? A bus?”

I’m sitting on the bus – it’s got black and orange seats – seems to be clean, but noisy and bumpy. There weren’t many people – maybe 5, and then us 3 people. What? Where did that 4th person go?

The view is great – lots of new stores, old houses, bars, cafés, restaurants, and huge churches. Someone said, “Pull the cord and we will stop at the library.” Cord? Library? What’s going on? As we exit the bus, the driver says, “I hope you had a good trip” and “Watch your step”. A very nice man.

As I walked into the library I said, “Holy Smoke! It’s so bright in here.” Books, computers, DVDs, and security everywhere you looked. The 3 of us went up to the 2nd floor – more books, newspapers, magazines, chairs, tables, and more security. It seems the more floors you go u, the better it gets. The 3rd floor is mostly reference books and lots of chairs to look out the windows.

As we came down the elevator, I thought, ‘What a beautiful building inside and out.’ We went outside to a huge patio and sat on some metal benches.

“Guess who shows up?” – The 4th person. It’s time for lunch. The 4 of us go to a café and have a wonderful time.

After lunch, 3 of us head for the bus. “Oh no! Not again.” The bus ride seems faster going back to the park – and we get there and who’s there? You guessed it: the 4th person.

I woke up with a start – opened my eyes, sat up, and said out loud: “Where did these books come from?!”

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