Dirty Dozen

By Jim K.

A while back I wrote an article about words. Where are they going? All of a sudden it dawned on me: there are a bunch of words that I don’t know the meaning of. This is my ‘Dirty Dozen’ (which is neither a dozen, nor dirty).

Word ———————– Meaning

spam —————————— canned meat
mouse —————————— small rat
Blu-ray —————————– x-ray in color
Plasma —————————– blood
MP3 ——————————– a gun
Yahoo —————————— chocolate drink
Face Book ————————- mirror
Blog ——————————– sounds disgusting
WiFi ——————————- Asian word
Blue tooth ————————– needs dentist
Wii ——————————– what a baby does (wee wee)
Blackberry ———————— grows on a bush
I-Pod —————————— No I’s; only ‘p’eas come in pods

One response to “Dirty Dozen

  1. Jim-Very Funny!! Here is one: Chat Room—-a bar or parlor

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