Days Gone By

By Jim

About ten years ago, I joined Lend A Hand. And then six or seven years ago I joined the Senior Writers. I kept getting more and more friends. One friend I met in the writing group was named Mike. He had a way of mixing sarcasm and humor together and making it work.

Lesley Potts was our teacher, but she went to Japan, so I took over. Lesley would email me things to tell the group at our next meeting. I showed the emails to Mike. “Oh, I’ll take care of it,” he told me.

This is what he wrote:


From: Mike                             Sat, Mar 5, 2011 at 11:04 AM
To: Jim

Here is my look at the minutes.


A brief listing of the sessions minutes of the Lend A Hand Senior Writing group, Wednesday, March 2nd.

Meeting at Laura’s home, we were called to order by our patient leader Jim at 1 pm. Present were: Jim, Ruth Mike, Ginni and Betty.

Several books were provided for loan by Laura as was a plate of cookies and garden fruit.

Order was immediately challenged by participants over individual selections of books and conversations regarding distribution of same plus comments on Laura’s kind considerations of the attendees.

The group was then called to order a second time by our patient leader Jim who handed out emails received from Leslie who suggested contributing individual pieces to The National Gallery of Writing as well as re instituting the practice of maintaining minutes. After some discussion that included the question of using first names or the addition of last names it was decided to list first names only.

The group was then called to order a third time by our patient leader Jim who reminded us that our rides would be there at 2pm.

The reading of our writing began with Ruth, followed by Mike then Ginni who completed her reading with a short hand puppet entertainment. Betty then read her contribution and the session was ended with Jim’s work for the week.

The weekly meeting was then completed.

June 2014

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