by Jim

Do you ever think of moving? Well I tried it. All you need is some boxes.

Get to where you’re going and then look at the stacks of boxes. See the one next to the bottom, the one with the arrow pointing down. Doesn’t that mean, “Fragile, this side up?” “Whoops.”

Oh, did you write on the tops of the boxes so you know what’s in them? Most people do. The boxes are stacked 5 or 6 high, and the only one you know for sure is the top one. Smart, huh?

A fun thing to do is – wait awhile and it will seem like Christmas. You open a box and you say, “Wow, look at this.”

Another fun thing is to open a box and use a few things, and open another and get out what you want. Then combine the boxes so a year from now you will be so surprised. Also don’t change the writing on top. If it says “BOOKS” leave it. Just think how you will feel when you see a crock pot.

These are really “Happy Days.”

June, 2013

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