by Jim

I love to watch helium filled balloons. Sometimes kids let them go. I like to watch them go up and up and up. Looking up I see a little dot in the sky.

A lot of apartments have them to catch you eye. Any kind of celebration birthday parties. The “Indy 500” let 500 balloons go up in the air. The “New” World Trade Center let 1000 red, white and blue balloons go. Anyone in the world that wants to celebrate lets balloons and more balloons float away in the sky. There must be millions and millions of them floating around. Where do they go??

Last week I looked outside, around sunrise, and there was a bunch of yellow balloons laying on the ground in my back yard. I asked the man next door about it and he said he had yellow balloons in his yard too. I saw a few in the alley and some on the road.

Where did they come from? Where have they been? Questions? Questions?

October, 2012

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