Back in the Day

by Jim

Oh I was SO tired. I’d been here since seven this morning, up and down stairs at least ten times. It seemed like every customer wanted a wheel or a taillight lens or a spindle, all on the third floor. “Wow, what a Day!” Then the service department wanted me to pick up a car. So they took me out to the Sabino area and told me what farm to go to. Guess what? Wrong place; I had to walk at least two miles to the next farm.

When I got back, we were super busy. The first guy I got wanted a hood – up to the third floor again. On the way I glanced at the clock – 4:40. I love it; only a half hour to go. Then eat and on to my second job.

Finally, I’m on my way to the bar for a cold one; a nice cold mug of beer and a huge ham sandwich. I looked at my watch. Not 6:00 yet. Still time for one more beer. Ah, that’s good.

I guess I’d better go to my second job. What do I do, you ask? Oh, I’m a LIFEGUARD.

February 26, 2014

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