by Jim

Last fall I was talking to some friends in the coffee shop. Some strangers were listening in as I talked about how cold the winter would be. I said, “I think it will be the coldest winter we have ever had.” That brought smiles to their faces

The next day someone asked how I knew about this cold wave. I told them I watched the ants. This brought laughter. I told them I had never seen so many ant hills, one right next to the other. I explained that ants were coming up to the top of the ground to gather food for a long cold winter. More laughter, even my son and daughter looked at me like I had lost my mind.

The city had the coldest days on record. The gas company ran out of gas and had to shut down 1,400 homes. No Heaters, no stoves, no water heaters. Some people switched to electric heaters. Then the electric company ran out. They bought electricity from Mexico.

Water froze, pipes broke, cars would not run. For the first time in 60 years the cactus froze. There are dead cactus all over the city. All plants froze, covered or not.

So remember – 60 zillion ants can’t be wrong!

March 9, 2011

One response to “Ants

  1. Reading Jim’s March and June “Ants” stories prompts me to wonder whether Jim has the knowledge akin to the Farmer’s Almanac! Or perhaps it is simply Oscar and Henry that possess similar knowledge! Whether it was Oscar, Henry or Jim, they were right on about last winter being the coldest and snowiest in history. And you should appreciate last winter in Minnesota – – Tucson winters “ain’t nothin’ ” compared to Minnesota winters, with its 13-inch snowfalls!
    What a delightful idea, anthropomorphizing ants! One usually ignores the little creatures, assuming they are rather brainless and certainly creatures lacking personality. But Henry and Oscar prove us wrong on that count! What a fun duet of stories, Jim. I enjoy your imagination! Paula

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