by Jim

I was sitting on the porch, watching two rows of ants. One row was going to the ant hill and the other row was heading for the garden. All of a sudden two ants, one out of each row, step out to talk to each other.

This is my interpretation

“Henry!” “Oscar!” “Long time no see.” “I haven’t seen you in years.” “How’s the wife and kids?” “Fine, and yours?” “Last time I saw you, we were on the first shift.” “Yeah, taking care of the queen and all those little ones.” “Must be a million of them.” “At least.”

“The second shift is pretty bad too. Carrying rocks and digging ant holes.” “How about those tunnels? Miles and miles of them.” “You know, with the technology there is today you would think there would be lights or lanterns inside.” “Yeah, you’re right.” “The hours are long too; from early morning ‘til late afternoon.” “I don’t miss that.”

“Oh well. Now we’re on the third shift.” “I like gathering leaves and other types of food. And we only work from 8 ‘til 2.” “But there is a lot of walking.” “Yeah, and it’s hot, too.” “You have to be careful you don’t get stepped on.” “No kidding.” “We take it easy in the winter.” “You’re right, it’s not too bad.” “Well, got to get back to work.” “Nice seeing you.” “Yeah.” “See ya.”

June 15, 2011

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