A Day at the Laundromat

By Jim

I planned on writing about the “rain”. But yesterday I went to the laundry. I have to walk and when I got there it was very crowded.  If I had a car I would have gone back home. But I found two washing machines side by side. The machines are back to back and there was a very pretty lady and a man facing me. At the end of the row there was a young man in his 20’s folding his socks. The man with the lady left and the guy folding socks said “Your brother?” She came back at him very fast “No, my husband” The young man’s face turned red. I was still sorting my clothes when I heard “he seems to be very nice”. “He is” she answered. Then the sock guy says to me “isn’t she pretty?” I replied “She sure is. I wish I was 40 years younger”. They both laughed. I got both machines going when I heard her say “Oh, 6 years”. That did it. The sock guy took his bag and socks and left. After awhile I was looking for a dryer. I glanced at the lady. She smiled and gave me a wink.  As if to say it was a farce.

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