A Day at the Beach

By Jim

We would meet each other at school and then ride our bikes to the beach on weekends or summer vacations. We would put our bikes in the long racks and walk barefooted as close to the building as possible. It was the only place with shade. When we got to the sand, we would look for someone with an umbrella. One by one we would run for the shade. It was about 100 yards to the water and that dry sand was HOT.

I would stay with the kids, playing in the water or building sand castles. Then I would go walking. I loved to walk in the set sand. I’d walk a mile or so, and get to the fishermen.

They would cast their lines over the waves. Some of them weren’t strong enough, so they would run toward the water and cast. Some of them would stand and some would run. Most of the time they were six or seven of them. The one thing I did notice is not one of them caught any fish.

I’d watch for about a half hour and then head back to the kids. We would look for an adult with a watch on so we could keep track of time. At about 4 o’clock, we would run for our bikes.

Another day at the beach.

June 2016