Yard Sale Find

By Sandy

Last October while I was working at the Lend A Hand yard sale, someone was flipping through a book that had been donated, and found a picture. She thought it was me. But I hadn’t donated any books that year, so I couldn’t figure out how it could have gotten there.

To tell you the truth, I had to study the picture long and hard before I was sure it wasn’t me. There was a young woman (I was young once), with short brown hair (my hair has been short & long over the years), standing in front of a tent (my husband & I camped a lot and had a similar tent), wearing zip-off shorts, Teva sandals, a hat, and sunglasses (I had shorts like that, Teva sandals, the same hat, and I always wore sunglasses outdoors). This person could have been me. Even my husband was fooled at first.

But it wasn’t me. The woman in the picture was wearing a sleeveless purple shirt, and I had never owned a shirt like that. I still have the photo to remind me of a truly unique yard sale find.

July 2014

It could be me.

it could be me

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