Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some

By Sara

Sometimes an unexpected event occurs that leads to great relief and celebration. Other times an unexpected event leads to disappointment and a “Now what do I do?”

For example:

I heard sounds of big movers behind my house — BIG, as in giant cranes and tractors. They were noisy but for a good cause. The 100-plus foot tree that had looked dead for years was finally being removed. It was an eyesore and a risk for neighbors, especially during the monsoon season. In my mind, I feared a nasty wind and rain could break off branches that could land on overhead utility lines or worse on someone’s home.

At last I could enjoy my window view of the mountains without that monstrosity haunting me.

Then . . .

Abbie my faithful and vigorous dog was lying down with chin on the ledge of one of the living room windows .It was a usual Tuesday around noon. Suddenly, she started barking in her serious, most obnoxious voice. Casually viewing the backyard expecting to see a running rabbit, I glimpsed the flash of an intruder. He had entered through the secure but unlocked back gate and gone into the shed. Thanks to the ferocious Abby he fled quickly. Nothing major was missing in the shed. Apparently he was not interested in the Christmas decorations stored there. Needless to say, the gate now has a padlock on it and bricks are stacked against the bottom of the door.

THEN. . . .

Two weeks ago, after turning off the living room lights, I was walking toward the hallway as usual. On my way, my previously injured foot collided with the edge of the bricks by the chimney. I had my partial boots on which were a safeguard but not complete protection. The discomfort was considerable and I was certain I had fractured yet another bone or two. Once on my bed I grasped my foot gently, elevated my feet on two huge pillows and started to repeat a prayer of healing over and over and over. The next day I confined myself to the wheelchair. The following day the foot was clearly healing, as the pain was subsiding. After a few more days I was pain free. THANK YOU!

Most recently, Stacy, my wonderful and joyful housemate, sadly announced she was giving notice. She had lost her job last month and could not pay rent. Fortunately for her, she has a friend who will rent her a room at a greatly reduced rate. She is very excited about the prospect of a large closet. I will miss her and hope that another potential renter will be as kind and enjoyable.

So, ya win some and ya lose some. I am thankful for it all. That’s life!

(Good news update. Stacy decided to stay and all is well.)

May 2018