What a Wonderful Party!

By Sandy

2016 was the tenth Anniversary of Lend A Hand. To celebrate, they hosted “The Young At Heart LAH 10th Anniversary Party” on January 23rd. All the clients, all the volunteers, representatives from supporting organizations, and some politicos, were invited. It was spectacular! I had a great time and I think everybody who attended enjoyed it.

The board members and other volunteers worked miracles. The decorations were so beautiful. An institutional-looking meeting room was transformed into a sparkling fairyland of blue and silver. It was unrecognizable as the same room where board meetings are held. It was like transforming the high school gym or cafeteria for a prom.

As has always been the case at every LAH event I’ve ever attended, the food that was lovingly prepared by board members and volunteers was top-notch. All the cooks, all the servers, all the helpers in the kitchen – everybody did a terrific job! And everything was done with a smile.

The Branded Duo provided exactly what they promised – “Country Music for All Occasions – The duo that sounds like a full band!” The music was perfect, lively, but not too loud, and very “danceable” from waltz to two-step. Whoever found that band deserves a major thank-you. I haven’t danced so much in a long time. My knees were complaining the next day, but my heart was light.

There was even a small classic Chevy car show to enjoy. There were beautifully restored cars from the 50’s like many of the clients and volunteers either owned or wished for in their younger days. And the weather was perfect for viewing the cars.

Thank you everybody for a wonderful day!!!

January 2016