Try As You Might . . .

By Nando

The traffic along the campus route was heavy even before the usual later afternoon rush. There were many students using various conveyances . . . from skateboards to sports cars and of course bicycles.

The northbound bicycle lane was flowing with prone-from-the-waist riders on skinny wheeled multi-geared touring bikes. All car lanes were not quite bumper to bumper and moving not much faster than the bikes.

I was driving northward also in a large Ford F350 12-passenger van and had a good view from its high seat. Along my right, or curb side, a slim, tan, no-helmet male with backpack was pedaling with some authority in a gear suited for the level street and traffic’s speed. I noted he wandered slightly left towards the car lane, not much, and I then also eased left to give him more margin for safety. As I did so, the car to my left began to drift towards me so I honked to warn the motorist. The car continued, now almost veering toward me so I honked repeatedly, finally getting him to correct his drift.

Moments later we all stopped at a red light, the car, the van, and the bike side by side. As I lowered the passenger window to hear what the gesticulating biker was saying I was assaulted by his vehemence, profanity . . . impacted most sharply by his claim that my “arrogant honking” made me a perfect example of the stereotypical anti-biker’s right of way bully. Stereotype biker bully is a synthesis of a two or three sentence curse, spittle punctuated.

No good deed . . .

October 2015