It Went Thump in the Night

by Nando

It was a dark and near balmy early morn when our alert system keyed. 4:06 A.M. and the noise keying the system still lingered in my now wide awake brain. Looking out front, the yard night-light did not illuminate enough to discern other than odd shadow.

Quickly dressed and armed, flashlight pushing lumens out of a hi-tech bulb, I ventured forth, risking wild animal attack (lion, bobcat, raccoon), or worse, methly maniacal humanoid(s) responding either to the stimuli of chemicals or to their absence.

Lord be praised…drug-free Javelina…four adults, two offspring…the two having grown a bit since last seen. The triggering noise was their exploration of a downed and open blue recycle container left out overnight.

Unconcerned, they now explored the yard, the bird bath/water bowl, and gazed unperturbed at the light and its bearer, and nonchalantly reformed into a group as they sauntered across the street….their hoof beats only discernible when they were not stepping in potholes.

March, 2013

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