It has been a wonderful surprise to have Lend A Hand in my life. I’ve participated in other volunteer organizations, but this one has something extra.

The positive enthusiasm and open communication and the very appreciative clients. It has been a definite complement to solo living and working. It gives me a sense of community and purpose, as well as fun. The Writers’ Group, as well as the game night crew, have added neural circuits to the overused routing pathways. Creativity has been boosted by writing, and the competition on game night has shaken me from a “whatever . . .” approach. Perhaps winning once in awhile whets the appetite to push a little harder. And that’s a good thing.

Most of my work has been with the elderly – I find that field rewarding. Lend A Hand clients inspire me: perhaps it is the gratitude they express and the acceptance of the aging process they demonstrate. It gives perspective of the physical changes ahead. They spur me on to stay mentally active and fight the slight confusion and word finding I notice in myself.

A state of gratitude seems one of the most important qualities to hold. Lend A Hand has stirred that state of being.

Thank you for being my friends.

January 2018