Bunny Joy

by Mary

One morning last week I heard an alarming animal cry in my carport. Going out to investigate, Hopper let go of something small that scurried behind a large lid propped against the wall. I grabbed Hopper and closed him up in the bathroom.

Behind the lid was a beautiful baby cottontail rabbit. I knew my neighbor Tony, across the street had wild rabbits living in his large yard. Using two dish towels I gathered up the bunny and carefully placed him into Hopper’s pet porter. I checked on him often herein the house and placed a lid of water for him.

The next morning I took him to Valley Animal Hospital where each day someone transports bunnies and small bits to a refuge near 22nd and Pantano. Upon returning home Hopper was waiting for me in the carport, appearing to be perplexed. Before I even had time to unlock the house I heard another distress cry! Turning around I yelled at Hopper and another flash of fur ball ran quickly out of sight near the carport.

Once again I took Hopper to his “lock down” bathroom. I returned to rescue another baby bunny hiding in a large bag. Placing him in the pet porter, I called a refugee on Silverbell. They were full, had 30 bunnies. The lady told me to gather dry grass and a towel and place it in with bunny. Also get evaporated milk dilute 1/2 & 1/2 with water and feed him with a dropper. Wrap him in a towel with just his head and neck out.

Bunny did fairly well and took small amounts. That evening and thereafter, he drank eagerly, all the while licking his tiny lips with a  very rapid tiny tongue. Back in the cage he sat up and bathed himself vigorously. Next time I checked he had a rather long stem of grass and was devouring it like a machine.

The Valley was closed at noon Saturday so we settled into our routine, Bunny and me.

Monday after lunch, his and mine, I took him to Valley. We had bonded and I felt sad returning to my car with an empty cage. Tuesday morning I hear another distress cry in the carport! Hopper was very nervous and frustrated having let hi s little playmate get away from him.  Once again, removing Hopper to his prison, I took two towels. Sure enough, there was a fluffy little bunny behind the same lid as before. Gathering him up between the towels, I placed him in the pet porter. I gathered a large supply of dry grass for bunny #3. Opening the cage to try to get a better view of him he was very agitated. I decided rather than try to feed him I needed to go ahead and take him to Valley.

It was so much joy while it lasted and I have pictures. 

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