by Elvira

Words             made                           from grunts
Sounds                        transformed               to Power
Power              held, tightly                by the Few
Until he           printed                                    something

― 2 ―

All                    could read.

― 2 ―

Language, it                matter not:
German                       changes slowly                       to
Englixh                                    bastardized                            by Latin,
Hindi, etc.
Honied                        tones
once                            meaning nothing,                   now
creesses                                  truths and
one mistake                evolving                                  into set
holy Mother,              untouched,                             like Leda
until Sunlight              Finds                                       Its target.
whore, it                     matters                                   Not
One word                    mistaken
DELIVERS                                 War

Be careful what you wirte!

April, 2012

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