Job 7:17

What is man, that thou shouldest magnify him?  and thou shouldest set thine heart upon him?”  Job 7:17

By Elvira

Memories                                                                   The Cinema
we                               Create                         for good
or evil
Loved Ones                             Become                       Saints;
Adversaries,                                                                Devils
Nightmare Lives                      Fade,                           though
the Pain                                                           remains.

Those                                                                           who
Entered                       the Snake Pit,
Numbered                   by Wonder Drugs:
good / bad
for                   they
Fog                              Reality.

The Mind,                                Encased                       in Cotton
Released                     Pain:
but the
Scars                                        Remain.

the Animal                              Begs to be                   Maginfied,
as Mother Mary —
he                                            craves                          Attention
by                                                                    Whatever Force
there is
Swelling Up                 like a Toad,
he                                            Looks                           down
Thinking                      NOTHING
can harm                     Him:
Yet,                                                                              It ALL
For Dust
we                   ARE                              and
we                   WILL BE!

The Glass                                 Removed
a Creature                                                       no better
than                                         the Worm He
will be

Saints                                       become                       soil —
the Holy Mother,                                            Herself
turned                         to dirt.


July 2014

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