To Minnie-10 Years Old

by Elvira

I                                   lost you                       in a flash
of an Eye;                                            no longer
wishing                       well the old.
They                            become                       non-people ―
only good                   to take up                   space.

You orgs,                                                         still lovely
have                            only gaze
for                                                                   electronics
tuneless Bieber
hooked up                  to deaf ears.

You                              are still                                    kind
more as a                                                        formality;
a duty
that                             placates                      Mother.

You                              are loved,                   for yourself –
for your                                               kindness,
emanating                  from your sun burnt
for not            disappearing              when your help
is needed.

I                                   connect not                with megabits
but I                care. Do not let          the OLD ONE
lose                             a Hope of
Love in an                                                       Empty, noisy World.

November, 2012

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