Times Square: Costumed Character Dilemma

By Elvira

Hello Kitty:
Why do you want
$5 or more?
Batman:                                                          Why did you
mug the old man?

The Homeless woman                        carried                        her goods
with dignity of poverty
asking NOT      for money —
and You                                   slug                  a policeman!

They                                        come               from all nations —
mingling          with Americans —
willing             to compensate
Cookie Monster                                              for a shot of false joy
to carry on                  their mechanical life.
Minnie Mouse             Demands                     ten dollars!
So . . .

Now                                                                 Big Brother
“cut”                Mickey Mouse’s
tail                               to Civilize                    him!

Mario Brother                         do No Harm —
“live long and prosper”

August 2014

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