There Will Always Be Burdens

by Elvira

We have so much in this world to make us comfortable, happy, ambitious, progressive. Yet we still find (or choose) a way to make ourselves miserable so we have something to complain about. Why?

Some of us have more than others and that bothers us so much we try to surpass their status by making a name for ourselves, whether it be through working harder, putting up bigger fronts, or crime, finding a way somehow to overcome our “jealousy.” Yes, that’s it – jealousy.

But as we get older we find we don’t need to be like or better than the better off ones. Going through life brings us all different roads to travel. And it’s the way we travel that chooses the endings.

If we could take the wisdom we learn and go back to our younger years and reminisce, we’ll actually realize that things weren’t as bad as they seemed. Our values change every year (yes, every year). Slowly they change our lives. Our habits change, our taste buds change, our “wants” change. We’re actually happier with less because we’ve learned that things don’t matter as much as love does, and love is always around us no matter how old we get.

February, 2013

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