Job 14:19

“The waters wear the stones:  thou washest away the things which grow out of the dust of the earth;  and thou destroyest the hope of man”  Job 14:19

By Elvira

The River                                 churns
Eating                          the Bed it
Rests on.
As stones                                                                     in the sand,

He                                can NOT
stop                             the Raging Waters.
Though he                               swims,                         the Rapids
ARE                              stronger
than the Flesh.

We                                           can NOT                      stop Time.
It                                              flows                            of its own
Human                                                travail
to dam
is Damned.
self-created                                                                 barrier
can block                     it:
the END

Monoliths                                crumble,
Thoughts                                 disappear                    in the Air —
ALL                              is                                  Fragile.

The Unseen
The Unknown              grasps                          the Soul
and                  makes                          if His —
FORGIVES                    the Fragility

July 2014

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