The Verdict

By Elvira

She                                          would rather die                     than
pass                 eternity in HELL
called Prison

It                                              was betrayal               that
lead                 her to
judgment                     by those
not her peers:                                                             for, where
would we find             twelve
un-angry                                                                      Peoples,
who                             share                           the Life of
the Rich and

Though, Green Eyed
Monster                      hides                in everybody
EVERYBODY                            harbors                        one,
most                                        hide                             efficiently.
Let it not                      be said                         that
Immaculata                             harnessed                    hers.
for       everything                   we do,
is prideful –
sullied              by our

Inner Hell.

Each day                                  we die,
Each day                                  we cry,
for the
deformed Babe                       we weren’t.

— 2 —

For every guilt we feel,

Only One                     can forgive
and He our
personal salvation,                  not trumpeted
to ALL – but
kept locked in our fragile heart
Until we step into the

October 2013

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