“The tongue, a terrible weapon, crushes men to death the swiftest horse can’t overtake a word once spoken” – Chinese proverb

By Elvira

Unruly weapon —
for the book wise
the dagger is hidden in benign words.
Hide me, O LORD
in the cloud of your bosom
that Men know NOT my intent
for Evil is lovelier than
Jezebel,           courtly queen
blinded lords
with the flesh – yet the workings
of the mind were BLACK.
Actor: hide behind other’s
words – some mute, when the paper is
What is done
cannot be Undone.
Yet, good is forgotten – no trumpets
Evil smiles with deceit
“lovely lace (unseen)” hides
the scared face.
My honeyed words
escape faster than wisdom
firstly breathes.
It chases          the masque,
the arrow that has done
its damage.

Gentle, let it be
as Death’s words starts
it in the face.

Hold fast
hold fast
Unstring the bow
and let penance come.
for the life lived
is always paid
in the End.

February 2016