The Great Spirit

“The Great Spirit, in placing men on Earth desired them to take good care of the ground and do each other no harm.” Chief Young

By Elvira

Earth Mother.
Each Day                                                                     we
think NOTHING                       of
STEPING                                  on HER.
Her Moans                              go unheard.
Man                                         takes NO                                 heed —
His Vanity                                is more                                    Important
than the Grass                         Cry.

Time                                        was                                          The People
thanked                                   Her
for                                                                                           the Bread, the
Water, the
Now,                                                                                        No Words
of thanksgiving
are heard,                               but ONE DAY
a year!

We                                           ARE ALL                                   in this

Every One.

As                                            we rape
Kill                                           each other
We                                           mistreat                                  Earth
Big Father                               Forgives:
for He
knows                                      children are

Let Us                                      take                                         a moment
Each Day
to                                             thank                                       Mother for
the Bounty;
for                                           without                                    Her
we                                           would
in the

June 2014

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