The Grail

By Elvira

“Who does the Grail serve?”

Light Perfume                                                             Bison of all
Holy Organs
No Cross (
for it                                        was                              the Invention
of Artist)
Crowns of Thorns:                                                       as the Ark (
of the Covenant),                                                        Mysteries
surround                      it.

  1. As Mary, Mother
    was                              the Magdalene
  2. As Zeus
    entered                       Leda, as a Swan
    and                                          produced                     Helen, Castor
    to destroy                    Troy
    to float                                    in the Heavens

Light / Grail                                                                 Now, only
seen                             by the Chosen
who                                         fears                            the Gift
that Suffocates;
that                                                                              NO ONE
Sending                       Receivers
to the                           Snake Pit

A Gift. A curse.
would that we
LIVED                           in Arthur’s
Where Gargoyles                    flew,                            and NO ONE

“Who does the Grail Serve.:
KNOW NOT                 the ANSWER
for                                           to KNOW
is to live in
dimension —

June 2014

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