The End of the Road

by Elvira

No                                                       Voyage of
Lifetimes,                                            so we
claim                           Only
the Acceptance                                  of the Sun
Bodies                         remain                        the Same,
yet                                           Faces
Glow               as if one
touched          the Son
the Act            the Deed cleanses                  sullied Hearts,
or,                   so we              are Told.

No empirical test                   can be taken –
only Faith,                              the Phantom Horse
carries             the bonded Cadaver
to Heights                   unknown        to chained
Souls                                                   No Dogma
is wrapped      in Blanc
No Religious
owns               The TRUTH
Whatever Deity          holds               the Scales
Points              to Fire-Ice
Or Loam.

February, 2013

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