The DNA Test

by Elvira

“She looks just like him”

Yes,                                                      After rhinoplasty!
Secret’s Room                                     Secret deals
nothing in the Sun.
All Dark,
Quite                           hiding              what?

One lie                                    leading                        to another:
money and power       corrupting       everything it

Mirror                         Mirror             on
the Wall
every                           word can be
twisted            to fit any case.

Legal documents, torts                       one period car
mean               a fortune, or
the Little Voice            saying:             “Take it!”
leads                to fortune

Even a Benevolent God           seems  to forgive
EVERYTHING               except Repudiation.
Sex, Murder, etc,                                need only
wait                             for Death’s Call,
and the Sinner Eater does this job —-
there is NO Puti
nor, Horned Master                            Judas, only
following         the Script —-
will never be               Eaten               in Dante’s Inferno.

Yet, some                    one pricked.
not by Paradise Lost    but                   by uncontrollable
mea culpa
Sin Eater,                     cleans              the Iago’s faults
who                             will                  Cleanse Him?

June 26, 2013

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